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A traditional Swedish Massage includes flowing, rhythmic, strokes as well as kneading, friction and stretches.  Swedish massage is extremely relaxing and will leave you in a state of bliss.  One of the greatest aspects of Swedish Massage is that it’s extremely versatile.  Performed as a standalone style of massage or, incorporated into other types of massage (such as deep tissue or trigger point massage), Swedish Massage techniques incorporate a flow that increases a state of relaxation, a sense of well being and allows the massage to flow and remain balanced.

Swedish Massage helps to:

  1. ■Increase sense of well being
  2. ■Increase circulation in the body thereby promoting healing
  3. ■Increase relaxation & Decrease Stress
  4. ■Increase mobility and range of motion


A deep healing science based on the principle that there are small, specific areas in the hands, feet and ears that correspond to specific muscle groups or organs of the body. Nerve endings are a map of the rest of the body. Through pressure and rhythm to the feet, reflexology is said to promote relaxation, circulation, and support overall health.



Commonly translated as “universal life energy”, Reiki is a gentle and natural Japanese energy therapy which is commonly used to reduce and alleviate pain, promote clarity, recover from injury and encourage the healing process. Reiki promotes spiritual growth, self-development and good health through the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.


This gentle, light touch therapy releases restrictions in the CranioSacral system to improve the functioning of the central nervous system. By complementing the body’s natural healing processes, CST is increasingly used as a preventive health measure for its ability to bolster resistance to disease and is effective for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction including headaches and migraines.


A Japanese form uniting breath with thumb pressure through the major muscles of the body inspiring flow in the meridian channels.


Polarity is a subtle modality that incorporates body manipulation and movement. Created by Dr. Stone, an osteopath and chiropractor, Polarity speaks to the different layers of the body addressing a deeper physical and spiritual consciousness while targeting chronic pain, emotional, and physical distress.


Devoted to women entering motherhood, this nurturing prenatal massage focuses on the special needs of pregnancy by relieving tension and stress on joints and stabilizing hormone levels. Be utterly supported. Eases the physical discomforts of pregnancy through rhythmic strokes and skillful depth. I will safely and effectively melt tension in the upper shoulders, lower back, hips, and feet in a comfortable side-lying position. Ideal for new mommas anytime after the first trimester all the way until the day of birth. Please consult with your physician before your session.


After childbirth, massage therapy can a powerful tool to support the transition from pregnancy to parenthood. Touch is a simple, direct way to soothe nerves and restore balance to the body. Nurture the mom who nurtures the child.



Trigger Point Therapy is a specific technique in massage used to decrease, break up and end cycles of pain and spasm within the soft tissues.  Elbows, knuckles and fingertips are used when applying concentrated, direct pressure to the trigger point.  Applying direct pressure allows time for the tissue to respond and release, which in turn decreases and often eliminates pain in the affected area.

Trigger points often feel like nodes, nodules or thick strings under the tissue.  They are always tender and will sometimes “refer” pain or discomfort to another area within the body.  People will often complain of “pinched nerves” when describing a trigger point.


Regenesis logoRegenesis is a powerful, very focused form of energy healing. It brings soothing relief of physical and psychological distress, and it requires no belief or conscious effort on the part of the client.

Regenesis was developed by Robert Rasmussen of Santa Cruz, California, a world-acclaimed master healer. It gathers both its power and its breadth by going to the ultimate common denominator – energy. Specifically, Regenesis works with an energy known to the Chinese as source chi. In Regenesis, it is referred to as fetal energy because that is when it is most active. This is our template, the energy “shape” that guides the development of our physical bodies. Regenesis works by restimulating that energy, bringing it back to its fetal level of activity. Clients then heal themselves, using this energy and their body’s own innate wisdom. Joints painfully out of alignment seem to melt into place, effortlessly. Tissues regenerate and hearts mend, emotionally as well as physically. By addressing issues at their root, Regenesis treatments are holistic in the largest sense of the word.


    • Alleviates or eliminates pain, both chronic and acute
    • Reduces stress
    • Corrects skeletal misalignments – relieves back pain, sciatica, and TMJ syndrome
    • Promotes metabolic homeostasis – promotes normal functioning of the endocrine system
    • Alleviates the symptoms of chronic diseases such as multiple sclerosis, hepatitis C, cystic fibrosis, prostatitis and fibromyalgia
    • Reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments
    • Integrative – reduces fear and promotes a sense of well-being through major transitions, including death



About Hilary

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Massage therapy has been around forever. It is vital that we care for our bodies, our minds and our soul, and through therapeutic healing massage, it is often a supportive measure in returning to balance.

A great massage therapist can assist your journey in life by allowing
energy to flow in a smooth, balanced way. In the 20 plus years I have been practicing, my technique has developed into a flow, a dance, an art form. Each body presents completely different than the next; every massage is tailored to each clients individual needs. I am in dialogue with each body, so while everyone always receives a Swedish Massage, many other modalities may be incorporated.

I was trained in New Mexico, at The School of Natural Therapeutics-NMSNT, in 1990. I received my Hawaii State license in 1991, and then after a move back to the mainland in 2002, I received my Certified Massage Therapist license, here in Sacramento, Ca. I am also a licensed pharmacy technician.

I was introduced to just about every modality there was when I was in school, and also received my Reiki training in New Mexico, which has served as a basis for my energy work. I love Polarity, 5 Element Theory, and Regenesis as well and have developed my own technique to deliver amazing, balancing and restorative energy work into each and every massage.

Always a student, I am open to learning more so that I can be of the very best assistance to you and your spiritual journey.

My clients are amazing-I have some that are still with me after 22 years-people that had met me while I was practicing in Hawaii while on their vacation and that live here, in Sacramento. I love working on the elderly, so you can often find me at Eskaton, assisting little old ladies and men in their last chapter of life. I have handfuls of women that come to me for only energy work and Reiki treatments.

With a degree in Natural Therapeutics, a massage by me is no ordinary massage. I see a lot, and if you are open to hearing it, I can help you with diet, supplements, flower essences and refer you to other modalities in the Holistic Healing arena that I may feel assist you, such as acupuncture.

One may think that after 20 plus years in this field, I might be a bit burnt out. Not at all. I take plenty of time for me. Life is about balance, joy and love. I am here to help people become the best that they can be.
Through this service, I am very happy to have found my heart’s passion.

Much Love, and Aloha-Hilary
CMT California Massage Therapy Council, License 32639
American Massage Therapy Association Member 15871

What my clients say about me

Ray Beltran
Ray Beltran
Sales Manager at Academy Mortgage Corp

Hilary is a caring and giving person. She has high integrity and much love. You can feel Hilary’s caring spirit through her hands. Give Hilary an opportunity to help you through any difficult health issues you may be confronting. You will be blessed by her work and friendship.

Much Aloha,
Ray Beltran


Quintessential Energy Works is my go to when I need healing at any level. Hilary has magic hands and she intuitively listens to the language of my body. I would highly recommend a session (or many sessions!) with Hilary.
Doris Boggs -Age 93 Eskaton James Monroe Lodge~Hilary is a Magican-her hands are healing and she is healing. I couldn’t do without her and I am so blessed with her in my life. She grocery shops for me, takes me to the movies, and brings her  Shih-Tzus when she comes to give me one of her massages.  Truly hands of a Magican. They are so warm and comforting, I couldn’t do this aging thing without her. I just love her.
Today, I was deeply saddened to find out that a client of mine had passed away.  I was even more saddened to find out that my friend and client had passed away last December of 2012, making me feel as though I had ignored a very significant passing.  It is with the utmost honor that I share this heartfelt letter from Rick.